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Arab Style Falcon Block Perches available in 2 sizes

  • Tiercel - 6.5" diameter (16.5 cm)
  • Falcon - 7.5" diameter (19.05 cm)

Price: $220 US + S/H (US ONLY)
Call for International Shipping Quote

Price includes Perch, 1 covering (sewn on) and spike*

Falcon perch coverings are available in 4 color choices

  • Black - Astro Turf
  • Blue - Astro Turf
  • Green - Astro Grass
  • Beige - Astro Grass

*smoothspike available.

Replacement Coverings available for $10 US + S/H

Smooth and Threaded Spike options
Smooth Spike


Perches come fully assembled. This illustration shows the unique features of our Falcon perches.

Falcon Perch AssemblyA. Delron composite top. We have found Delron to be an excellent alternative to aluminum or wood. This high tech material safe guards against frostbite in cold climates. Drain holes prevent trapped moisture and damage from freezing.

B. Solid aircraft aluminum body.

C. Aluminum base with sealed ball-bearing attachment. The aluminum tab with seated ball-bearing allows for smooth rotation. Special attention has been taken to bevel the area of the tab where leash is tied.Ball-Bearing Tab

D. Stainless steel spike. Available with a smooth tip. Has a machined surface to allow for tightening with wrench.

New Perch with threaded hole in Delron top to attach the spike which becomes a handle during transportat and storage.

Bearings and Wrench
New Bearing and Wrench





Black Falcon Perch
Blue Falcon Perch
Green Falcon Perch
Beige Falcon Perch

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